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Live stream yourself and participate in other user's streams


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MeMe Live is a social media app where you can record and upload videos, participate in live streams and even interact with other users.

Like all social networks, you can add your friends or people who share your interests as friends on MeMe Live, and then view their videos or live streams. Not only that but you can create your own fun, dynamic live streams and videos with this app's wide variety of effects and soundtracks.

While it's loads of fun to create videos with MeMe Live, it's just as entertaining to browse through other users' videos. Like most social networks, you can like other user's videos, leave comments, share them with friends, etc. Not only that, but you can hold live challenges and compete against another user while spectators vote for the best video.

MeMe Live is a fun social network with a lot of potential and nearly endless amounts of entertaining videos. Check it out and share your videos with its ever-growing community.